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About Our Home Services


We specialize in every kind of computer and every kind of problem. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve fixed it all.


So when your home computer goes down, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll make house calls, unless you prefer to bring your PC to our office. And when we’re on the case, you can rest assured that we won’t call a job complete until the issue is completely resolved

Services offered to Residential Customers

We provide computer service in Houston and surrounding areas through our in store or onsite services. Drop it off to us at our store location or if you prefer we will come to you. We also offer remote support, which ever option is most convenient to you. Our technicians are A+ certified and have years of experience in the computer repair services industry. 

  • Virus removal - without reloading operating System

  • Antivirus software sold, installed and configured

  • Problems resolved through secure remote connection (Remote Helpdesk)

  • Email installation and configuration

  • Data Recovery

  • Data transfer from failed to replacement computer

  • Slow computer operation resolved

  • Preventative maintenance (computer checkup/tune up)

  • Corrupted Operating Systems repaired

  • Computer software (Operating System) upgrades like XP to Windows 7 Pro

  • Damaged laptop screen replacement

  • Blue Screen Of Death resolved

  • Printer configuration and sharing

  • Wireless networks secured

  • Wireless networking installation

  • All laptop and desktop hardware problems resolved

  • All laptop and desktop software problems resolved

  • All Apple (Mac) hardware and software problems resolved

  • Upgrades for laptops and desktop system

  • Computer overheating problems resolved

  • Business quality refurbished laptops and desktop systems for sale

  • Custom built systems

  • Install and configure home networks

  • Network Attached Storage sales and configuration

  • Data backup configuration

  • Network cable installation and termination

  • Motherboard replacement

  • Hard drive replacement

  • Video card replacement

  • RAM (memory) upgrades

  • Computer installation and configuration

  • File sharing between computers

  • Spilled liquid problems resolved

  • Password Resets / Removal

We can upgrade the physical components of your computer such as RAM, hard drives, graphics cards, etc., as well as install and configure peripherals such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, and more. We can also configure your system to connect to your TV or home entertainment system as well as advise on potential technology purchases.

Regardless of whether your computer is three days or three years old, you should be backing up  your data. A hard drive can fail at any time. Backups can be set up to run in the background with absolutely no user intervention. We are happy to discuss different backup options and make recommendations. We've seen tremendous amounts of tragic data loss; don't let this happen to you.

If your computer has crashed, you may be unable to access your data, even though it is still on your computer's hard drive. We use tools to gain access to the data and recover it. If you have experienced a physical drive failure, we can discuss your options for intensive data recovery services.

We can network computers together to share files, stream media, or share an internet connection. We also can design and deploy more sophisticated networks and servers for businesses with robust security, remote access via VPN, and other needs to ensure connectivity. We can maintain networks and servers remotely to ensure they continue to run smoothly, even when we are not on site.

While plenty of services offer ‘do-it-yourself’ website builders for a small payment or monthly fee, you are generally heavily restricted in the size and design of your site, and may find it difficult to shed your site of that ‘template’ feel. We offer affordable website design for small businesses at rates substantially below what most full time designers charge.

Affordable Certified Refurbished Computers


If you are ready to upgrade but on a tight budget,

you might be looking to buy a used or refurbished

computer rather than a new one. But if you can't

afford a new PC, you still want to make sure that

what you purchase is working right and that you are

not wasting your money. Often, instead of buying a 

used one, it may be wiser to buy a refurbished one.

We offer only excellent conditioned units that have 

been tested and inspected by our Experts.

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