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Why Choose Us to Repair Your Computer


Sending your laptop to the manufacturer's third party repair center can take over a month and repair costs are expensive. Big box stores are also expensive, lack technical expertise, and only offer basic repairs.


At Houston Computer Repair Expert, we offer expertise, experience, faster turnaround, at much lower prices.

Laptop/ Desktop Repair Service List



Windows Startup Up Problems


We can diagnose and repair all types of Windows® startup or boot problems.


Laptop Screen Repair


We repair broken LCD's, black screen / no display issues, blue or red lines, and all other display problems.



Hard Drive and SSD Upgrades


Store more music, pictures, and files with a new, larger capacity hard drive. We carry 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB laptop hard drives for quick upgrades. Solid State Drive upgrades are also available for super fast speeds.


Memory (RAM) Upgrades


Slow laptop? Speed it up with a memory upgrade. Most laptops have an insufficient amount of memory installed. Increasing the amount of memory gives your laptop an instant performance boost. Memory upgrades are ready for same-day service.


BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), Start Up Problems


Your getting a blue screen showing errors or your laptop won't boot to Windows


Laptop Overheating, Running Hot


If your laptop is running hotter than normal and it shuts itself down, call us right away. Your laptop overheating may result in severe or permanent damage to the CPU or your laptop's motherboard rendering the laptop totally dead.

Display Hinge Replacement


Replace your laptop's broken, loose, or bouncy display hinges. Broken or loose hinges may cause damage to the display and case parts if not repaired.


Power Issues


Your laptop will not turn on. The battery will not charge. Unit powers on then shuts down.


Laptop Keyboard Replacement


Whether you have broken keyboard keys or some keys just won't function. We'll replace your laptop's keyboard with a brand new one.

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